Wednesday, April 20, 2011

GOD - The Friend of Friends

54. I am here, because you are here
I found myself
In the abyss
Of long shadows,

And next to me
Was my friend,

I told him to go,
To leave me be
With my ghosts
And demons.

But he would not.

I asked him
What was he doing here,
And he replied that
He was here because
I was here.

If I have failed
To take pity
Of myself,
I felt pity
For my friend,
For this is
Not his doom.

So I made my way up,
And together, we
Reached our home,
Away from the abyss
Of long shadows.

Finally we won
The sunlight
Of the Prophet’s pleasure,
And we stood awhile,
Resting upon the Beloved’s Moon,

Then my friend
Looked at me and smiled,
Saying this to me,
“Nor was it your doom, o’ Taufiq”.

Sometimes, the best way to help yourself is to help someone else. And there is no jewel, no gift, no gold from heaven's trove finer, more delicate and robust than friendship. And often we are saved by our friends in spite of our reluctance to be saved! Oohh... what a drama queen we can be sometimes!

If you look closely between the threads woven by the Loom of Fate, how have we not realised that our friends are God's own direct intervention into our lives? For God is known by many names, and He is also known as the Friend of Friends. God bless God, and God bless our beloved friends! Our BFFs!

So, as I habitually ask you, sunshine - If you share the same sentiments as I do about your friends, how can it be that we are not, in truth, brothers and sisters?

Pax Taufiqa.

PS - The sketch above was done maybe 6 years ago, and long have I wondered when I would use it. It's one of my fav and I hope you like it! Just to be clear, the picture depicts the man behind, stopping the man in front from jumping into the abyss... You can guess which one is me. Hehehe.

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