Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Sinners Dictionary - Annihilation is ...

la la la la la...

It was an abysmally hot afternoon as the Sun was blazing down like a furnace. I was walking near a Sufi dergah (small mosque) when suddenly I came across a Sufi mureed (student) watering himself liberally with a garden hose and pail. "Hot day isn't it?" I commented. The apprentice mystic replied, "This is no mere shower I am taking! I am annihilating myself in the Absolute Oneness of Reality. Haven't you read the Sinners' Dictionary?" Then he continued to quote the definition of 'Annihilation'...

23. Annihilation Is…
The unusual pursuit of extinguishing your flame
Through realizing that no candle exists
Separate from the Sun.
And that all numbers are in truth nothing
But aggregates of One.

"Oh." I muttered, walking away and wondering why oh why do I waste my time talking to these crazy people.

Have a nice warm day, pet.

Pax Taufiqa.

PS - If you are curious, the sinner has posted an earlier rendition about Fana-fillah (Annihilation in the Oneness of God) in the arduously entitled post - 'Abu Bakar, Abu Yazid, the End of Hell Part II, Calvin & Hobbes and My Left Foot' (Click Here).

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