Friday, April 15, 2011

THE DAY OF PROMISES - It happened just yesterday

177. The Day of Promises I

I created chiseled mountains

To peg the earth upon an ocean of fire.

But I created and tasked you

With a Trust far heavier.

And lo! Hotter and deeper is the sea of fire

That would ring your deeds.

And you accepted the Trust!

178. The Day of Promises II

Your ego never tires in cursing and blaming you,

For the covenant that you swore upon,

On the Day of Promises.

179. The Day of Promises III

Know that on that Day,

You were made well aware of His Love and Mercy,

And that you made your choices accordingly.

So have faith in your Lord,

And what He has bequeathed as your fate,

And regret not the promises you have made.

For on that Day, He too made promises,

And your Lord is not wont to make them lightly.

180. The Day of Promises IV

Your ego is a donkey,

Deceived into thinking it has choices,

But a wise traveler will hold the reins,

Seeing only one path

And one road


181. The Day of Promises V

O’ My Lord, have I ever left You?

Did I take leave after the Day of Promises?

If You are the Irresistible and Compelling,

Where did I ever find the will to bear

Even a moment’s parting?

These are some searching questions

I must ask my soul

When we meet!

205. The Waiting

O’ Lord,

In Thy Hand I place trust in Thy choice of time

To draw back each veil,

To pry open each petal,

To unlock each door.

It’s just that, often, the waiting is painful,

When no prose is inspiring,

Sinning is almost comforting…

O’ Lord, reawaken my senses!

O’ Lord, reawaken my senses!

As they felt, on the Day of Promises,

When You held me,

In Your Utterly Compelling Gaze.

7 YEARS AGO, I recorded the first chapter of the Dam.SunSun.Ana. And one of the matter of interest which was disclosed was the Day of Promises, which essentially was the day when we and God made our promises to one another. It was also the day when we undertook 'the Trust' which nothing and no one else in all of Creation was willing to take - The Trust of Choice - to choose between right and wrong, good and evil. I wonder what I myself was thinking when I agreed "Yeah, God! Sure, why not!", I felt I must have said when God offered this responsibility to me.

7 YEARS ON, the feeling and emotion which prevailed upon me when I wrote the prose above remains the same. In fact it is burning brighter as each day you, yes, you sunshine(!), reveal unto me the beauty and nobility in which God has made you. For it is the company of one such as you which makes each day worth living, and each breath worth breathing. I am nothing, just a sinner who hides his mistakes while writing this blog. I am certainly not good, but I have enough brains (just about enough) to recognise true goodness which I find in you.

I DON'T KNOW YOU? We have not met? We are living on different continents? - So what, sunshine? Such immaterial things like physical distance and personal commune doesn't stand in the way of the truth - that all of mankind are brothers and sisters ennobled by the love and worship of our One Creator. And I shall strive, though I have bad habits and eat too much, to hold unto that simple truth which God has always wanted us to comprehend - that we all one family from our grandfather Adam and grandmother Eve.

May our days be blessed and graced in the memory and love of Adam and Eve. It was only just recently that Eve was created and Adam was besotted by the divine beauty that God has breathed into Eve. For you see, anything in the past, however far into the distant memory it happened, well... well, it really just happened yesterday. Even the Day of Promises - which occured in the unTime before time and the concept of a mortal day was ever created. Even that actually happened just yesterday...

Pax Taufiqa

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