Saturday, April 16, 2011

Imam Ghazali and the Heart of all Divine Guidance - Love

WE ARE NOT OF THIS WORLD. So long as we are alive, we are subject to the physical world, although by our true nature we are creatures of the heart, spiritual creatures infused with the Breath of God all that eons ago when Adam was created from clay. Imam Al-Ghazali recorded this observation in his seminal writing about our nature and the nature of this world. He further said that it is only upon death that our spirit reconciles itself to the spiritual world, and our soul is made whole. He also mentioned that mankind must desire this one expression of his servanthood - and that is to place his body, with all its needs and earthly desires, as instruments and subject to his heart. To be led in words and action according to the dictate of his conscience, the well spring of which is the contented heart...

22. The Antechamber

Words are clumsy tools for expressing ideas,

And a mind cannot bear the transmission of belief.

It is the heart, the hidden heart, the Antechamber of the Throne

Wherein love is communicated and affirmed.

And where there is love, O’ seeker, There is always belief.

Illahi Anta maqsudi wa ridaKa matlubi.

THE HEART OF ALL DIVINE GUIDANCE. I once heard someone argue that surely religion cannot be that simple. That it is simply about acting good, following our heart and conscience. After all, the Al Quran is not actually a slim divine booklet. But it is that simple. Despite the bulky appearence of the Al Quran, and indeed all divine scriptures, from the Bible, the Torah to the Guru Granth Sahib, it is my certain belief that God would not impose difficulty upon us. The simple basic truths are all the same in all religion - don't steal, don't be a glutton, don't waste, don't break a promise, etc. It is only mankind that is often distracted - confusing knowledge with wisdom, confusing listening with learning, and most importantly, confusing means as ends. Then alas, they fail to see that the central theme, the centre spread, the Heart of all divine guidance is Love.

You know, I cannot stress more sincerely my abject lack of wisdom, but even this sinner can grasp this simple belief - that while we may express our love for God through different words and sentences, we are still loving the One God through a spiritual connection that is our shared path. So lead me, sunshine, by your loving example, and surely I shall follow you.

But first I think I will have breakfast and fill the needs of this physical reality.

Pax Taufiqa.

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