Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Abu Bakar, Muhammad, the Gunny Sack and Gibrail Part 2 - Satisfaction, Expectations and Attachments

Mikhail, please! I am trying to concentrate...

This is a second part because the toon above is inspired by the poem posted in the earlier writing entitled, "Abu Bakar, Muhammad, the Gunny Sack and Gibrail Part 1 - Origin of Whirling (Click Here).

EXPECTATIONS & ATTACHMENTS. It is nigh impossible for anyone to live without expectations and attachments. But as the prose goes - it is important to place our greatest expectations and our highest attachments to He-Who-Won't-Disappoints. My mistake is always to place such expectations and attachments on worldly things and people. But the only expectations that is almost certainly guaranteed is that the world and mankind will inevitably fail to meet our highest expectations, but not because they are imperfect. For God vouches that we were made perfect. Imperfection 'occurs' when we see this world and its creatures though our ill-formed and rusty sight (Jelaludin Rumi tells me this). But this 'occurances' are only illusions in our heads. The reality of things are perfection and beauty, but we carry the disease of our egos and hubris into the Promised Land - cluttering the view and building chimney shacks that blacken the sky with the smog of our envy and jealousies. As seekers of Secrets and lovers of the Sublime, we must accept our responsibility and account for the feelings that we allow to dominate our actions.

DIVINE SAFETY-NET. So I believe that we are all on the high-wire act - Balancing on a narrow thread of whimsical satisfaction, while carrying our expectations and attachments and gingerly making our way up to Hu-knows-what. Hehehe. But you know, even if we fall (and oh boy, do I fall a lot!), there is still the safety-net of God. So even if we let ourselves down, He won't. Failure is not a Divine Attribute. But my advice is to at least try very hard stay on the wire. Because from my experience, the terrifying sensation of an emotional free-fall sometimes lasts like an eternity before we finally land *ka-plunk* into the Divine Safety-Net.

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Pax Taufiqa

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