Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Two Secrets of Alchemy

8. Philosopher’s Stone II
Deceived and tricked,
They rest their hopes
In transmutation,
Drowning in complexities,
Drifting into conjecture.

Not knowing that
Alchemy is the quest
For gold,
But without the ‘L’.

ALCHEMY is known as the science, or better still the attempt (since nobody has been able to do it!) to turn base metal into gold. Is it going to happen? Well, maybe, who knows? But the fact of the matter is, what happens if you do find the chemical formula to turn iron, tin, copper or bronze into gold? I will tell you what will happen, in a few months time there will be hundreds of factories in China manufacturing gold, and of course, gold itself will lose its value. So that is why I believe that true Alchemy is not the pursuit of the secret of Gold, it is the pursuit of the Secret of God.

THE SECRET. And to save you all the trouble of polishing up on your chemistry, I will share with you today that 'Secret' - Once you are able to replicate or duplicate something unique - then that thing is unique no longer, and the value of that which you perceive and idolize diminishes. And it diminishes not a little, but it diminishes to the point of nothing. So do not think of God in multiples. For God is only One. And the moment you act as if there is more than one God (most normally when we obey our internal devious 'god' - our conniving ego), then that God you worship is not God anymore. For God, like you, sunshine, is Absolutely Unique., So you know... you can go on trying to turn your iron bars into gold ingots, as a form of academic exercise. For the real meaning of alchemy you already know today. Hehehe. No need to thank me.

ANOTHER SECRET. And here's another 'Secret' for you to ponder over breakfast - Whether you are a Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist alchemist, there is only but One God that you will ever find in the formulae and furnace of your laboratory. But you know this already, sunshine!

That's why I love you. Have a perfect Sabbath.

Pax Taufiqa.

Postscript  27th August 2011 - By happy chance, I met Alchemy herself and wrote what transpired. Click here for posting entitled I am Alchemy. I turn base events into gold.

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