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I am Alchemy, I turn base events into gold. - Prose of Ramadhan Part 72

I met a Truth. She was called Alchemy. (Ramadhan Verses 38)

I was walking in the Quadrangle of Souls, when I met a truth. She said that her name was Alchemy. I asked her, "Wow! If I get to know you, will I be able to turn base metal into gold?"

"Oh, I am not THAT alchemy. I am another. Are you interested in her?" She replied.

"Well, I think that is what most people are interested in. But I am curious to know you. Your truth."

She smiled saying, "My truth is simply a story. Sit down." So we sat on a stone bench, beside which was a fish pond.

"Are you aware of the Day of Promises?" She asked me, and I nodded.

And this is how she continued her story. "So on that day all souls were gathered in the Divine Presence and asked this question - Are you willing to accept the trust (and challenges) that no other being in creation, not the suns, not the moons, not the planets not the Angels themselves are willing to carry? To which all souls answered yes. So you know the story that far, yes?

But now let me ask you this, mortal - Were the souls, indeed, were you yourself aware of the trust and tests that will come your way by taking this solemn oath before God? Did God actually show you the events and some pretty dire challenges that will face you in your life?

I pondered for a while, thinking about my own life and some of the sorrowful events that I had to muddle through... my mother's illness and death, my divorce, my own illness, and so I said "No. I reckon that God will not show us everything that would befall us. For He knows us and He will know that we are essentially weak creatures and would refuse the trust had we actually known what we are getting ourselves into."

The truth glittered with light and surprise, she was not angry but she was not entirely happy with my reply. "Oh mortal, how can you accuse God of being unfair!? For that is what you are accusing him of!" Then her light dimmed and she continued. "God showed you all, mortal. From the moment you were born, right to your own death."

"But surely I would not have accepted the trust if I had known I would face some pretty appalling events in my life, o' truth!" I argued.

She replied in the gentlest voice I have ever heard, and to this very moment I can recall her words, which made me shed tears. This was what truth answered. "Oh you did, mortal. For I was there, as I was there for each soul that has ever walked upon the soil of earth since the time of Adam. You said yes. They all said yes. None rejected the trust. And you must accept, mortal, that your own little life is blessed and little evil or pain of fate has befallen upon you. Some souls saw even worse calamities that would test their mortal existence and courage."

"So why did they... why did I accept the trust?"

The truth stood up, and she became taller than the highest heaven and her wings spread further than the furthest stars, she was aglow with the Light of Truth and I could hear music in her answer - "You were in love with the Lord, mortal! You and all your human brethren were so in love! God could have shown you hell itself, which by the way He did, and you still accepted the trust. Have you yourself not experienced in your own existence on earth, how you would say the most insane of things, promise the world and more, solely because of love?! How you would take the hand of your lover, promise her your undying and eternal faith and affection? How you say that you would face anything for her happiness? How you would swim an ocean of fire, climb the highest mountain in pursuit of her and for her sake alone? All this and more, you promised God. Don't you recall?

"I am sorry, I do not."

"Then remember now, since God has given you the happy chance of meeting me."

I looked up at truth, and she was smiling. She placed her hand upon my heart and her wings embraced me. I thought she looked utterly beautiful. "Oh, and by the way, mortal. You never asked me which Alchemy am I? Don't you want to know?"

I replied on behalf of myself and for those who may read this words. "Yes, of course. Who are you?"

She did not answer, for her lips did not move. But I heard her reply just the same, in a profoundly beautiful corner of my heart. She echoed like a timeless song, "I am Alchemy, and I turn base events of your life into gold."


I hope you enjoyed the story, sunshine. May God give you the truth and wisdom to see how all that is fated for you, is all good.

wa min Allah at-taufiq.

Footnote: There are other postings on alchemy and the Day of Promises recorded in this almanac. You may click on the labels cloud which is located on the right panel of the blog. Salams!

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