Saturday, August 6, 2011

These Nights the Universe Speaks Awfully Fast - Prose of Ramadhan Part 18

Say Whaaat?
The nights of Ramadhan is a good time to talk with the Universe. Well, not actually talking, since you are just listening and the Universe will do all (almost all) of the talking. I am enamoured with such nights because of the seclusion I am given. Away from friends and family, just the Universe and me.

Tonight the Universe spoke about soldiers returning from a war, and how so many wished to forget what they had seen, and what they had done. Then It was busy talking about my wedding plans. I didn’t know I had any. There was a LOT of references to the Prophet of the Universe, with his name glimmering in the backdrop – M U H A M M A D. Wow. How’s that gonna work? And how’s the bride's family going to take it, fine and upstanding members of society that they are? In fact, how will the bride herself react?

In the next episode, the Universe was happily describing to me the picture of a pair of Sufis wearing wizards’ hats. They are performing a song in front of a congregation of Christians, singing Ave Maria. With tears in their shining eyes… Really?

The Universe likes to change topics arbitrarily, you see. As and when It pleases. This is a little disconcerting, but I am okay with that. Not that I have much choice about the matter.

The Universe also talks awfully fast in Ramadhan. So I try to listen as carefully as I can. I wish I had the courage though, to inquire on some of Its words which I cannot make out. But I don’t like to interrupt the Universe’s train of thought. This is the proper etiquette, you see, when you want to travel along the spiritual network. You are only obliged to hold on to His words, and hope that the next spiritual station you disembark at is not too challenging to the soul.

Ramadhan nights make me feel oh, so bold.

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