Monday, August 29, 2011

I am Ramadhan, a Favoured Moon of God -Prose of Ramadhan Part 79

I am Ramadhan, a Favoured Moon of God
(Ramadhan Verses 43)
I love you,
But I must let you go.
You must leave me,
Though you shall
Find none better.

Everything and everyone
That you shall meet
Shall be a parable,
An analogy,
A memory
Of me.

I love you,
But I must let you go.
I love you in ways
You can never know.
And if you despair
Of your yearning
For me.
Do not worry,
For I love you still.

Everything and everyone
Can come to confound
Your memory of me.
And you shall come
To doubt what I
Say is true.
But you only need
To look inside,
And you shall
Find me in

I am Ramadhan,
A Favoured Moon of God.
And like the Lord,
I too have a
Home in

I am letting you go now,
And in a few short hours
You shall be with
My sister Moon
Of Syawal.
But in truth, I am always
With you.
For whatever the season,
God made me
Just for you,
And you were made
To fill my days and nights
With beautiful piety,
And the remembrance
Of the Truth.

We are both like mirrors, you and I.
And what beauty you see in me
I see it in you too.

This, I do believe is my last posting and prose of Ramadhan 2011. Upon a mild provocation by my friend, Longhair, the verses was recorded in the early morning of the last day of Ramadhan. For today shall end with the eve of Syawal and the beginning of the Eid celebrations. But it shall be a joyous occasion marked with a little sadness, for my friend, Ramadhan Kareem is leaving me. And though I am grateful to receive her sister moon, I cannot forget Ramadhan and her tender kindness.

God bless life, God bless love, God bless the runes that He has left in the setting of the sun, and the rising of a new moon, and how in each understanding, is a path to His Knowledge and All-Encompassing Love and Compassion. For all creatures.

wa min Allah at-taufiq.

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