Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Tree of Success from the Seed of Contemplation - Prose of Ramadhan Part 14

Remember, read it from the bottom up! After all, how else do trees grow?
HOW TO GROW YOUR OWN TREE OF SUCCESS. I found a little pamphlet in a rarely-visited corner of my soul. The instructions is pretty long-ish, so I will summarise for you the basic points.

1. The seed of contemplation must be a good seed. There are many seeds out there which you can buy. You must purchase the seed that can be grown in the soil of any soul. You should avoid seeds that comes with a warning like "Only for Asians", or "Good only in Caucasian soil", or even "Will grow well in African earth". The best seed I have found is the one that can be planted and flourish in any type of person, whether you are black, brown, white, yellow or magenta.

2. Once the sapling breaks through the soil, you must ensure it gets enough Sun. There is only one Sun (as far as I am aware) that can help nourish your young tree, just like there is only one God. So make sure your tree gets enough sunlight. 

3. You have to tend to the tree regularly. Although hardy, it requires constant care every second of the day. You must water it of course. 5 times a day is highly recommended. An excellent water for this tree is Love. Even better still is those mineral-rich water you will only find in the Highlands of Servanthood. The water is called Mercy. 

4. Often you may forget your responsibility over the tree. Sometimes, you even do the wrong things. But that is okay. You are expected to make mistakes. With enough love, servanthood and mercy, those wasted breaths of yours will become fertilizer for the tree. The important things is never to give up.

5. People often ask me how high can the Tree of Success grow. My answer is to quote God the Creator of All Trees, when He said - All of creation cannot contain Me, but the heart of a true believer can. And as the Tree of Success is planted and cared in the hearts of man, well... you tell me, sunshine!

May your Tree of Success grow and flourish until it reaches the 8th Heaven.

Have a wonderful day, greenthumb!

Pax Taufiqa.

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