Friday, August 26, 2011

If God is Best, why settle for less? - Prose of Ramadhan Part 70

Why settle for less?
(Ramadhan Verses 35)
O' little man,
O' slave of your passion,
Do not choose in haste,
Whether in a state of delight
Or cold sorrow.

Pause and stay your choice,
Wait until tomorrow.

Give your most passionate deeds
For God, the only safe host
Of passion.

Do not burden people
With your undying, 
Give your yearning
To the Only True Undying.

Do not give your heart away
That most priceless treasure,
Give your heart unto Him
Who will give you more
Than your fair measure.

If God is Best,
Why settle for less?

If you love someone, let him/her be. If you love somebody, set them free - Sting had something to sing about that... (Click Here)

It is the able lover who will set his lover free. It is the able friend who will have the conviction of purpose, the certainty bordering madness who will set his friend free. Free from the chains of his words and actions, free from the tyranny of his cutting words. For a true friend will not feel hurt at all, he will feel love, and look beyond the words, seeing with the keen sight of a believer. Beware if you have such a friend or a lover. For he or she will see beyond your hurtful words and protestation. You shall not understand him or her fully, but you are blessed to have their company. For it is only with God are they truly happy, and they do not place the burden of their undying (fill in here... love / hope / trust / belief) in you. To them, you are always a reflection of God, however awful you can be. I am speaking as one who can be truly awful (just ask anybody) to his closest and dearest.

In any relationship between one person and another, God is not just a helpful third, God is, in truth, the One and Only, and we are naught but mirrors. Or so I am told.

Have a joyful Thursday night, my Mirror, my Trinity, my Love.

wa min Allah at-taufiq.

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