Saturday, August 13, 2011

You are Muhammad, the Answer - Prose of Ramadhan Part 38

You are Muhammad. (Ramadhan Verses 21)
We are the raging tempest,
We are the stormy sea,
We are the white blizzard,
We are the thundering avalanche,
We are the river breaking its bank,
For what we are, you are not.

You, whose named is extolled
Next only to God.

You, the still calm eye
Of our whirling cyclone.

You are Muhammad.
Upon the Throne of Hearts,
In gentle repose…

The Herald of Dawn
Against the retreating darkness,

The Light wielding the pen
Of our drunken verses.

I sometimes don't keep promises. But I am glad I can now, and as promised this is the prose in answer to the earlier riddle entitled "Who Am I?"- Click Here.

BAD EXAMPLES. Do not dwell so much in the bad examples of our humanity - the corrupt politicians, the mad mullahs, the chicken hawks in the right wing, the murderers and serial killers. They carry a dark karma, and it is not for you, sunshine. Look away and turn the page. Change the channel even if it's just to the Food Channel.

GOOD EXAMPLES. It is good to compare ourselves to something or someone good. There is no point really reflecting upon our personality in comparison to mad people. If you are Christian, you can compare yourselves to Jesus. If you are Jewish you can compare yourself to Moses (or perhaps Aaron). If you are Buddhist, you can join Buddha and sit under the tree. If you do not believe in God, well there is still your sainted mother and sister to think about. And of course, if you are Muslim, there is always Muhammad. Such are the examples of steadfast virtue and compassion that the Lord has seeded your history with. Look to them, and wait for the tree of servanthood to grow in the fertile soil of your soul.

Have a wonderful Sabbath night, sunshine.

Pax Taufiqa

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