Friday, August 19, 2011

A Pebble, a Cloud, a Drop of Water, a Radio Wave... a Sin - Prose of Ramadhan Part 50

5. I am a sin
I am a pebble,
In a river named Muhammad.
I am a cloud,
In a firmament named Muhammad.
I am a drop of water,
In the ocean of Muhammad.
I am a radio wave,
Emanating from an antenna named Muhammad,
I am a sin,
Within the authority of the Arch-intercessor
Who would plead to His Lord,
Most Earnest In Compassion,
Most Renowned in Mercy,
To look upon me,
A little pebble,
And forgive me.

It is part of Muslim lore that of all the intercessors, it is Muhammad who shall be the leading voice amongst all prophets in interceding and pleading in the Divine Presence for the forgiveness of humanity. As a sinner, this is therefore an important matter to consider.

But being the Arch-intercessor is just one of many aspects of the Prophet. He is also the first in creation through the Nur of Muhammad, before even Adam. Indeed, when Adam was only but a rumour, Azazil the Arch-djinn, more renowned than the angels (back then before he conspired against Adam and Eve and became the Devil) was already aware of the Nur and Station of Muhammad. Muhammad is the glorious mirror of creation, the mercy to all the world(s), and the Abu Arwah (Father of Souls). But above all, he is lovely to me.

He is beautiful to me because in the Prophet's history is a dream of a beautiful past that never happened to me, and in his future is a rumour of a magnificent promise that I can never fulfill. Every time I speak his name and write his attributes, in truth I am dishonouring a name and attributes that is beyond my pale to dwell upon. I am a sinner, you see. What concern have I in the elevated existence of Muhammad Habibullah?

But a sinner's bewildering infatuation for Muhammad of Mecca & Medina can be traced back to the night of ascension, when Muhammad, troubled by enemies and difficulties were invited by Gabriel, upon divine instructions, to ascend to heaven. And if you recall my earlier posting, in one of the Discourses of God, it was God Himself who said to Muhammad - I have created for you, o' Muhammad, a nation of sinners who will not stop sinning so long as they breath. But for you, because they are to be your nation, I have already forgiven them before I even created them...

Have a lovely Friday, sunshine.

Pax Taufiqa.

Footnote: I know I was suppose to post The Sinners' Guide to Buttering up God now, but it is not complete yet. A thousand apologies, sahib and memsahib.

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