Monday, August 15, 2011

One Thousand Million Angels - Prose of Ramadhan Part 42

One Thousand Million Angels (Ramadhan Verses 24)
The sky opened
And a thousand million
Angels descended
With the rain.

You wrote a love letter
And a thousand million
Angels spilled from the pen.

Your eyes opened this morning
And a thousand million
Angels left their perch
On the Tree of Life.

You said "I am sorry, my love."
And a thousand million
Angels sighed in relief
By the pillars of
The Throne of God.

You light a cigarette,
And a thousand million
Angels cried in sorrow,
“Why do you poison your temple!?”

You took your daughter
Into your warm embrace,
And a thousand million
Angels paused to take pictures
Of you and your child,

You would have been undone
Many times over, had
The Lord not commanded
The Angels to mind over
Your welfare.

Trust me.
I saw it all.
I was there.
The overwhelming numbers of sentient beings are Angels, followed by a small percentage of Djinns and a tiny drop of humanity in the infinite sea of creation. I guess a lot of people would like to actually see the Angels, but as beings created of spiritual light, you shall need to see them through the window of your heart and not your eyes. Of course, they have often manifested themselves in human form on the command of the Lord, to bring down holy scriptures to the prophets, and often enough, to test them. Abraham was tested and so was Adam (yes, even after his exile from heaven), amongst many others.

But these you are talking about the arch-Angels. There are many, many, many other minor angels attending to their different ministeries of creation and specific human agencies. It would be a thing of joy to learn of them, if not while we are alive, perhaps later on in the University of the HereAfter. You don't have to worry about passing any entrance exams into this fine academic institution. Everyone, sooner or later will be admitted into this university.

Hehehe. Have an angelic day, sunshine. The Sun is up, but in my sky I could see the Moon still hovering bright like a lantern. It is a good omen. 

wa min Allah at-taufiq.

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