Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Just another Love Letter to God - Prose of Ramadhan Part 67

My Lord is Love (Ramadhan Verses 34)
My Lord is Love,
And He has many lovers,
Not a moment does He tire
In His Loving Labour.

My Lord is Love,
And He has infinite hands,
Not a moment does He waver
In His Divine Plan.

My Lord is Love,
And everything is His dominion,
Not a moment does He dither
In attending to His creation.

My Lord is Love,
And He is the Constant Friend,
Not a moment is He deaf
To His lovers’ lament.

My Lord is Love
And He is Most Pleasing,
Not a moment does He tire
Of His lovers’ flirting.

My Lord is Love
And there is nothing to fear
But losing His Love,

Yet His Love is forever…

So now is the clincher - 
Is your love for Him as enduring
And as sincere?

Of course the answer is no (for a lot of people). We are like little grains of sand blown by the upheavals of our conscience in our never-ending struggle with our ego. We don't always think of God. We are busy with living and breathing. Chasing datelines, getting married, waiting for a Big Mac at the neighbourhood MacD. I don't blame you. I too often forget God. When I get mad at people and inanimate things (I am a specialist at that last bit, ask Heche). When I despair of my fortune. When I come across re-runs of Barney the Dinasour.

I sit still a lot nowadays. When sorrow or anger is washing across my subconsciousness, I try not to react ('try' being the definitive word here). It is easiest when I am alone. Then I would just wait for the flood to abate. And then, just like right now, I would write.

Since I cannot be right all the time, I write. It's a form of free-therapy, I guess. So thank you for being my unpaid psychiatrist. Hehehe. At the end of the day, we may not be 100% sincere, and we are a handful for God to handle. But as the prose above goes, God's hands are infinite... so it is only right that we are a handful!

May God bless you, sunshine. And may God bless this wonderful world He has created with Love.

wa min Allah at-taufiq.

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