Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Courtesan, the Dog and God's Infinite Forest of Mercy - Prose of Ramadhan Part 56

Help me?
248. Always Looking
God is always looking
For an excuse
To save you.
Always looking to find
Means and ways
To justify your salvation.
It is funny how some people
Are hateful of this attribute,
Calling such things

Frankly, I believe
That if anyone has
The right to be Capricious,
It is God.

(But) I call Him not that,
I call Him Generous!

God! I am calling you Generous!

The above prose was recorded upon a whim and a reflection of an old Muslim tale. In that story a famous courtesan (prostitute) was at the well when she noticed a thirsty and sickly dog. Everyone ignored the mongrel but she was moved by its suffering, so without any container available, she undid her shoe and poured some water into it. She then brought the water to the dog which it lapped thankfully. Based upon that single act of kindness, the courtesan was forgiven of all her sins and when she passed away some time later, she was brought to the Kingdom of God.

I think it is a beautiful story. I don't understand why some people hate such stories, saying this is all a load of lies. Why, I can still hear their protestations ringing in my ear - "How can a prostitute, unerringly sinning all her life be saved by that single gesture of kindness. She deserved punishment surely, not the reward of a heavenly existence for all eternity! This is not fair! I worked so hard at being good and avoiding sins! This is just typical of the Sufi's la-di-da and rudderless approach to religion!"

Yes, they are right. It is typical of Sufis. For it is their tradition to praise a Lord Most Generous and Compassionate - a Lord unparalleled in His Mercy and unconditioned by mankind's pathetic counting of good deeds and bad deeds. God is after all, very different from mankind. So I do not understand how these people say that they worship God who is the Absolute One and Unique, when again and again, they transpose their own limitations and lack of compassion unto God who is by His own name the Most Merciful and Most Compassionate.
If you see the edge of God's Forest of Mercy,
quickly, run back in! For there is no edge
to His Mercy and you are being deceived
By your own hubris.
Oh well... it is their loss, not yours. Right, sunshine?

Pax Taufiqa.

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