Saturday, August 27, 2011

I SET MY RELIGION FREE - Prose of Ramadhan Part 73

16. Think. Experience. Know. Feel. See.
My watch doesn’t tell me the time,
It is I who tell my watch the time.

The rose gives me no perfume,
It is I who give the rose its perfume.

The ocean surrenders to me none of its riches,
It is I who fill the ocean with its riches.

Water doesn’t sate my thirst.
It is I who sate the water’s thirst.

The Fire doesn’t burn me,
It is I who burn the fire.

Beauty doesn’t attract me,
It is I who attract beauty.

Ugliness doesn’t repel me,
It is I who repel ugliness.

No religion can cage me,
It is I who set free my religion,
From the society
Of a dumb piety,
From the confines
Of a puny mind.

In February 2008, this spell was recorded by your sinner. I cannot recall what made me write it but this is one of those 'technical' verses. To properly elaborate on this poem would require a lot of writing, and I am too hungry to do so. And I bet you are tired of loooong postings.

So I leave you for now to contemplate and consider the words. And come to your own conclusions. God bless you, and may God open the essence to your heart, that your form may come to be of the shape and hue of True Love, Truth and Mercy.

Have a perfectly wonderful Sabbath, sunshine. I will be back soon!

wa min Allah at-taufiq.

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