Sunday, August 21, 2011

God, I am here! May I come in? I can? Oh dear... - Prose of Ramadhan Part 55

54. God, I am here!
If you knock on the door,
Saying, “God, I am here!”
What shall you do if He answers?
Shall you enter happily?
Or shall you pause nervously,
Muttering, “Oh dear...”

But perhaps God will answer
Only when you are ready to enter?

But then again, we can never be too sure.

He is, after all, God,
Doing whatever He wants to do,
And quite unlike me and you.

Everyone is hoping to find God's door and to get in. Invited in or pushed in... really, does it matter? For God is All-Loving and All-Compassionate, so we need not worry about Him. What is perhaps worthy for us to contemplate nervously is what is God actually gonna do with us. For He is the Absolutely Unique One, like the saying goes (well... a saying that I am making up right now)... 'There is no odd but God.'

And if the stout fellow in the cartoon above is allowed in, enticed in or shoved in through the Door of the Divine Presence, what shall he find? Divine Pleasure undoubtedly, but if our experiences of love in the mortal plain is some indication, well...

Have a wonderful Sunday, sunshine. Be careful which door you are knocking on! Oh, never mind... I know you are gonna knock on that door regardless of what I write here. I do it all the freakin' time too.


wa min Allah at-taufiq.

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