Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Riddle - Who Am I? Prose of Ramadhan Part 37

How will they come to me if I am a raging tempest?
Who Am I? (Ramadhan Verses 20)
It is my nature to dispel
Any worry on the brow
Of my companions.

It is my nature to give solace
For those in need of solace.

How will they come to me
If I am a raging tempest?

How will I aid them if
I am a stormy sea?

How will they climb my mountain
If I am a thundering avalanche?

How will they cross the frost
If I am a white blizzard?

How will they take water
From my prophetic river,
If I break the banks of patience
By my passion?

Yet there is none in creation
More passionate than I.

Who am I?

Marmaduke Pickthall
GENESIS OF A RIDDLE. In the book entitled “Brave Hearts – Pickthall and Philby: Two English Muslims in a Changing World” by M.A. Sherif, the author quoted the late Marmaduke Pickthall (eminent translator of the holy Quran) in his description of the Prophet Muhammad – “…our Prophet was a gentle and forbearing man, averse to passionate excess of every kind.” It was this line in the book that moved me to record the riddle “Who Am I?”.

THE EYE OF A CYCLONE. It is funny how the essential character of the Prophet is in direct contradistinction to many of his adept lovers amongst the saints and sinners. These men and women will live, say (and write) in the most passionate verses about the Prophet. Perhaps excessive even. So I apologise on behalf of these flaming hearts – for it is not their intention to scare away people from the Prophet. But they are like the whirling cyclone, the still calm eye of which is Muhammad. Hmm. That sounds like a prose. I can hear it now… .

Have a lovely Sabbath, pet. Outside it is only just beginning to rain, but in my heart it has been raining for the longest time. You can read the poetic answer to the riddle in the next posting, if you don't mind waiting and getting a little wet. Hehehe.
Don't worry, these guys are already wet. 

wa min Allah at-taufiq.

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