Monday, August 8, 2011

In the Court of the King of Kings! - Ramadhan Prose Part 25

In the Court of the King of Kings
(Ramadhan Verses 14)
I am dancing
Between the furthest moon
And the nearest sun,
I am unrepentant in my
Happiness with Thee!

I am writing a eulogy
For a me that has passed away -
A soul in flames, joyous
In Thy lingering embrace!

I am weakening with
Each pulse in my vein,
With each breath that blows
Amongst the clouds of my
Yearning for Thee!

I am left stranded here,
A single point of nothingness
In Thy furthest horizon,
O’ Lord of Love,
O’ Manifest Reality!
Now that Thou have touched me
In places intimate to me,
Do not leave me as the lonely ship
Battered and torn in the sea
Of Thy wild imagining.

Bring me safely to Thy harbour
Present me to Thy lovers and courtiers,
Busy in their praise of Thee,
In the Court of the King of Kings.

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