Tuesday, August 2, 2011

In a Place where Time is Subservient to Love - Prose of Ramadhan Part 10

Lo, The Lord Cometh! (Ramadhan Verses #9)
When you were born
A veil of forgetfulness
Was drawn between you
And your time with your Lord
In the Day of Promises.

Lo, that now you cannot remember
Your unconditional love for your Lord!

Perchance you care to recall,
Let me share with you that…

The Lord has ever loved you
From the moment He created you,

The Lord has not ceased loving you
For one moment since then,

And verily do you know that
The Lord’s moments are
Unlike yours and mine?

His seconds are like an ocean of seconds,
His minutes are like a universe of minutes,
And His hours are an infinity of hours
Expanding forever in a place where
Time is subservient to Love.

Yet we count our moments
In remembrance and prayers
As a fine trade for what
Our Lord has bequeathed us!

While you sigh, falter and
Complain of tiredness,
He, Who is Ever-Awake
And Tireless is forever
Attending to your needs.

While we are distracted
And forgetful, our Lord Most Loving
Is neither distracted nor forgetful.

And while we release our consciousness
To fall into our nightly sleep,
Who is it that is still awake and
Cares over us in our defenseless slumber?

Lo, is it not our Lord?

And in comparison
Who is the poet so vain
In his timid prose for God,
When God Himself has already raised
The dominion of man over
All Creation?

Who is the mercy-giver
Counting pennies and smiles
As good charity,
When the All Merciful Lord
Has given mankind the
Key to His Treasury?

Lo, is that not you and I?

Yet, it is not your fault
That the veil has been
Drawn between you and
Your beautiful memories
With God, before you
Were born gently
From the womb
Of your mother
Into this world.

But now that you
Have read this
And you verily know,
Cease your endless
Grasping for straws of certainty
In a world that is by its nature uncertain,
Recite, ‘in the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful’
Then extend your right hand to draw open
The Veil of Forgetfulness
That is forever impeding
Your happiness.

No, wait! The veil is drawing itself aside,
Ah, you have left it for too long, my friend…

Lo, The Lord Cometh!

Love can wait. But sometimes Love cannot wait. Not that we really have a choice about it. Not when the All-Loving and All-Affectionate Chooses to cometh upon us.
Look out, my vacilitating friend! The Lord is Cometh behind thee!

I guess God may be cometh to us all the time, but it is only we that often goeth away in our cluttered life and cluttering indecisions about ourselves, not comprehending who we really are. Luckily for us, in this tumultuous relationship, the other side is God Himself, Most Unswerving in His Love for us, and Most Forgiving in His Compassion for us.

This is the 2nd day of Ramadhan. Hope things are going well for you, sunshine, wherever you may be!

Pax Taufiqa.

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