Thursday, August 4, 2011

Layla and Me - Prose of Ramadhan Part 13

How would it be, If I was all alone in this world,
Save for Layla and me? (Ramadhan Verses #10)
I waited for my son to sleep,
Until I too fell asleep,
Only to awake to Layla
Calling me as she sighed her yearning
In the nightly drizzle and her breath
Opening and shutting the door
Of my bedroom which I leave
Open for her, and only her.

I slipped away from Mikhail in repose
And disposed of my attachments,
To walk into Layla’s embrace -
The darkness of the night,
The stillness of her face,
Feeling only her words
Enveloping me,
And her tears falling
Unto my skin as rain.

I stumble for words
But only this question remained,
How would it be,
If I was all alone in this world,
Save for Layla and me?

I waved goodbye to Iqbal
Who saw me in my
Nightly wandering
With my unseen

And I returned to Layla,
Walking into her twilight tears
Into the sight of Her delight,
And shyly, I drew my shirt aside
To expose my right shoulder
To her rain and her wind,
As the Prophet once did,
But me as a courtier,
In service
Of my loving Queen.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

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