Monday, August 8, 2011

A Bear of a Man - Prose of Ramadhan Part 26

I am moving, it is moving... I am moving, it is moving again! Whooo...
22. A bear of a man (Poon)
I am a bear of a man.
And it is my wont
To wander in my territory,
Never straying too far
From the cave
In which I live.

I am a bear of a man,
Who takes delight
In honeypots and butterflies,
Wild berries and succulent leaves,
And the salmons in my river lives.

I am a bear of a man,
And if I appear touchy,
Do not fear,
For like all bears,
I am nervous and prickly,
Contemplating my own shadow
With constant worry.

So come what may,
Here am I,
Ready and unready,

Come what may,
However turns the day,
Here am I,
Steady and unsteady,

Come what may,
How sweet the honey,
How bitter the irony,
Here am I,
Fishing, in the River of Mercy,

That is what I am,
Living all of my days,
As best as I can,
A bear of a man.

I would make an excellent bear, I think. And during the Ramadhan month in 2008 I recorded a couple of prose about my life as a bear. Short of facing up to a mountain lion or another bear, the grizzly is the king of the mountain, the lord of all he surveys. And best of all, in winter I can chill and hibernate in the cave, like prophets and saints often do, contemplating God, Love and honey bees.

Life is wonderful. And I would like to record here my appreciation, on behalf of my kin, to the One God of all bears (and man). Have a honey bear day, sunshine.

wa min Allah at-taufiq.

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