Sunday, August 21, 2011

Everyone has a heart, so I am informed - Prose of Ramadhan Part 57

A Love Letter to a Human Being (Ramadhan Verses 32)
If you do not see me,
If you do not hear my voice,
Do not think that
I have forgotten you.

For I am never alone,
Away from you.
And if you think that you
Do not affect me,
Then I am sorry to say
That you are wrong.

You have toppled my edifice
And torn me away from my hubris,
You came and ravaged my kingdom
And enthroned Love as
My Lord and Master.

My mind was ravished by Love
You cried your tears,
You smiled your smile,
You laughed your laugh,
And you asked,
“Let me in.”

I did not see Hu was behind you,
I did not notice His daily attendance
In our Love conference.

He pushes me to you,
And you push me to Him,
Between God and you
I am constantly confused,
But also infinitely amused.

I like love songs. Especially those with lyrics which are, to my mind, not wasted. Not a useless word or phrase anywhere in the composition. This sort of songs I like. In Train's 2009 number entitled 'Hey, Soul Sister' is one example.

I was listening to it when I recorded the above prose. The words are not mine, there were like stars in daylight, and I simply plucked them out, one by one, from their celestial abode. I am sure God doesn't mind me borrowing them for this almanac. God is always with us, you see - Just like the stars which are only luminous to us at night. So if you want to look for them (and God) during the day, you must look with your heart. It is easy really. Everyone has a heart, so I am informed.

wa min Allah at-taufiq.

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