Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Sinners' Guide to Ballroom Dancing - Prose of Ramadhan Part 77

A Western Ball
The Sufi’s Dance with the World (Ramadhan Verses 41)
May I have this dance, milady?
So beautiful are you in
All your mortal finery,
Not a hair out of place
Crowned upon a beautiful face,
How wonderous are you
In your mortal embroideries.

May I have this dance, milady?
You who dance with such grace,
Whirling like a dervish,
Captivating men
With a smile and
A wink of your eye.
How wonderous are you
In your beguiling finery.

May I have this dance, milady?
But lead me not
Away from God,
For He that created you
Also created me -
Let me lead you,
Through the waltz of souls
And heavenly music,
My firm hand upon your waist,
My gaze upon your pretty face.

May I have this dance, milady
And though other men may
Fall for your beauty,
It is you who must
Fall for me.

Submit to my will
Submit to my lead
Wherever this dance
May lead me.

You are surprise, milady?

Do you not know who I am?
A Sufi Ball - Oh no... do not be deceived.
They too dance with a partner. Hehehe.

How beautiful God created the world. Beauty in its symmetry, beauty in its movements, beauty in its breadth and expanse, beauty in it's smallest thing. Even a little itsy bitsy ant.

Right from birth, we have to dance with the world. Our very own bodies demand that we continue the waltz and the whirl, and only when we allow our ego and nafs (lower desires) to overcome us, do we stumble and collapse. It is not the world's fault, for God made her perfect. It is us. We lose our step, we lose count and trip on the world's flowing ballroom gown.

But if we desire to led the world in the dance, by God, we must master ourselves first. There is no other way, my friend. This is the most difficult path, but we are here already in the Divine Grand Ball of all creation. Ah, do not worry if you stumble a little. We all stumble. We just need to pick our injured pride off the dance floor and follow the master choreographer that God has appointed to train you - He is known by many names, some call him Faith, others call him the Heart, while another may say he is the Conscience. Ready? Hehehe. It doesn't matter really, because God is saying -

Maestro, my servants are ready. let the music begin...

Don't be a wallflower. Let's dance.

wa min Allah at-taufiq.


Anonymous said...

Dear Taufiq,

Ahh this post, blending the sacred and the formality of the dance, your gift for creating and layering images is unparalled.

We are all grateful recipients of your musings of God and His splendor.

Congratulations on your book of love poetry, this is something I must have. Your use of words and the emotions they conjure are indeed like "diamonds."

Easing back into my routine after an arduous but happy love into a new home and town.

Peace, Katherine

Milky Tea said...

Salams, Katherine

I am glad you liked it. But gladder still am I that finally you are back writing in your Nun Tuck's Almanac.

I find God beautiful. I find divine and errr...less holy things beautiful, Kat. And I find people beautiful. I did not intend to write poetry, I write and it is the subject matter that persuades my pen.

Welcome to your new home and town. I know it is more than a physical change. Welcome to your hijra!