Sunday, August 7, 2011

God's Fiction that we call Creation - Prose of Ramadhan Part 23

Talking About Nothing (Ramadhan Verses #12)
My friends spent the whole of yesterday
Talking about the Big Bang and
Their Theory of Nothing.
It blew the fuse in their brain
Trying to sustain the contradiction
Between them existing and the rest
Of God's Fiction that
We call Creation.

It is not the sort of conversation
Fit for everyone's consumption,
And many shall say that
It is a bloody waste of time,
Like a poet trying to
Constantly rhyme.

But these are the activities
Of them who we call sufis,
Stringing their lives along
A world in which they know
They do not belong.

In the end, the eldest concluded
With a timely reminder- that
Once upon a time, the Master said
That to unearth the entire lore
Of Creation and the Creator shall
Take more than one life time,
So take what you can that will
Strengthen your iman (faith), and
Leave the rest to God and
His Project Management!

I INTERJECT! I couldn't keep silent though. And I interjected in the end - This is a whole lot of nothing talking to nothing, about nothing, for nothing, wearing nothing, not even nothing! Put some clothes on, people!" - For you see, these are just the sort of conversations that ends up with Sufis losing their heads, literally.
Yea... man. This is one bad trip... I was a respectable
merchant, when a man named Minum walked into
my shop, and said "Let's talk about the nature of creation."
I thought it was a harmless enough topic... 
GOD INTERJECTS WITH A BABY! And to complete this wordy ship of nothingness floating in the sea of Divine contemplation, let me just share with you a happy news. A friend just gave birth to a bouncing baby girl a couple of days back. I am going to visit the proud couple later today. So in the background of the Story of Nothing, God Almighty is pointing out to the new bundle of joy and saying...

"My Creation is nothing, is it?
It is fiction, is it?
Well... take a look at that!
(pointing at the bawling baby)
Tell Me now if that
Ain't something!"

Yes, God. You are Awesome.

Have a wonderful Sunday, sunshine.

Pax Taufiqa.

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