Friday, August 12, 2011

Regret not Regret - Prose of Ramadhan Part 35

I love the ending! (But I am a little worried
that it is such a short book...)
Regret Not Regret (Continuation from The Clown and the Ringmaster 1 Click Here)

The clown then said to the Ringmaster – “If in the end, God has forgiven me, then all of my tears and regrets are for nothing!”

The old man thought for a while, then he replied “Everyone has a book of life. They have probably not read it, because it is in God’s own stash of books and magazines in the ‘thou shalt not enter’ section of Creation. In the book, which should appropriately be called “Your Life”, all the happenstances and occurrences of your short mortality is described in the sort of detail that only God can muster.

If you skip everything and only read the end of the book, you will find your happy ending – God has forgiven you and you will be raised with the Prophets and Saints who have authority over you.”

“I love the ending!” the Clown interjected.

The Ringmaster smiled, “Yes, but what about the chapters in between your birth and your death? It is not as if you can skip actually living and find yourself at the Pearly Gates. You have to live your life still, and don’t you want to be happy here? This is where regrets come into play. Regrets and tears are like speed bumps on the road. Drive too fast, live too wrongly and your car will be jolted when it hit the speed bumps of regret.   

Had regret not brought you to me, the story of God’s forgiveness would not have come to you. That made you happy, did it not? There is a good reason why God gave you the ability to feel contrite and regretful. It is all always for you to understand yourself and God better. So don't regret your regrets”

Something to ponder over your cup of life, my friends. (postscript, midnight - and boy, in my life have I had to learn to not regret my regrets. But we have to be thankful, yes? And then learn not to regret our not regretting our regrets. This can go on and on. Hehehe. I better stop now. Otherwise I might regret it later. Hehehe. Good night then.)

Pax Taufiqa

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