Sunday, August 14, 2011

I wanted you to choose Me instead of your ego - Prose of Ramadhan Part 40

This is a continuation and the answer to the previous posting entitled "Why are you Here? Q&A" - Click Here.

The Answer to 'Why are you here?'(Ramadhan Verses #23)
When I created you
I was beguiled by your
Beauty and imagination.

Had I chosen otherwise
You would remain in the
Closeness of My Divine Presence,
Untroubled by doubt,
Untroubled by choices.

It would be akin to
The very best of you would
still be asleep...
Living a beautiful dream,
But the very best of you
Would still be asleep in
My embrace.

I wanted to wake you up,
I wanted you to tread
The world and challenge
Its deep deceit.

I wanted you to face your ego,
And choose Me instead
Of your ego.

I wanted to delight in your
Pauses and causes,
In the reflections that you will
Find in the pool of your soul,
Floating as you are
In My Hand.

I wanted you to find your true self,
So that you might find Me,
Like a beautiful dream
That you can only
Faintly recall -

As how you once walked with Me
Beneath the golden trees of heaven,
Glorious, mighty
And tall.

The weather looks fine this Sunday morning, sunshine. Bless you...
Beneath the golden trees of heaven, glorious, mighty and tall...

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