Monday, August 15, 2011

The Godly Sight of Children - Prose of Ramadhan Part 43

Godly Sight of Children (Ramadhan Verses #25)
They do not carry the weight of regret that we do,
They do not harp with bitterness at the world and its unfairness,
They do not question truths, grasping truths with a heart embolden by youth,
They are saintly without being saints,
Awake they change the world, drawing smiles and laughter from the dour crowd,
Asleep their faces are bright and golden, love's own glittering beacon.

They are both hard and soft, partial and fair,
Adorable without measure, naughty beyond compare.
They take us as their elders, forgiving our sin of being imperfect,
They always see something good in us
While we grumble for what we lack,
They tolerate our company, loyally laughing at our most foolish jokes,
However the day may be, and however the world may turn,
Is there any sight more Godly to us than the sight of our children?

I am not a good dad, but I know a good advice when I hear it. An old friend said this to me - May we cherish our children (and other children, of course) and remember how we too were once children, and reflect upon life's twist and turn which have brought us to this juncture in our life. If we are at a good place, alhamdulillah (all praise to God), if we are not, may the Lord of Children guide us as we truly are, souls ever in need of divine guidance...however old we are now.

Have a wonderful day, sunshine.

Pax Taufiqa

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