Saturday, August 6, 2011

I am a Dream of my Love - Prose of Ramadhan Part 17

I am a Dream of my Love (Ramadhan Verse 11)
My Love fell asleep,
And in the dream
He dreamt me,
Before when
I did not

My Love continues
To dream of me,
Refusing to wake up,
Besotted as He is
With me -
Not giving up
On His dreams
No matter the
Things I do that
Should make Him
Realize that I am
Not worth His

"My love,"
Said my Love, interrupting
My contemplation,
"I am not asleep
For weariness and
Slumber cannot
Catch Me, am I not 
The Creator of sleep, 
Wakefulness and tiredness?

Yet I continue 
To dream of you,
Does that not bode well for
You and your kind?

"Yes, my Lord." I answered.

Then ask your brethren" – said the Lord,
"When will you live your life
As how your Lord dreams it could be lived?
And why do you despair as if
You are not loved by a Lord
 Of Most Infinite Care?"

I was coasting my way home after breaking fast with Heche when a song came on the radio... "Something's watching over me", sang Lee Dewyze, " Sweet Serendipity" - The prose in pieces like petals falling from a rose tree blanketed the horizon and for a while I was lost to the world, lost to you, lost to me, as I drove alone with Love. So I had to agree with Lee, you see. 

Sweet Serendipity, indeed. Click Here for the song. God bless you, sunshine. It is midnight, but there is a Sun flushing the meadow of a forgotten dream right now. What a delightful Ramadhan this is turning out to be.

Pax Taufiqa.

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