Wednesday, August 17, 2011

You are a Dot, I am Nothing, and Angels are not Funny - Prose of Ramadhan Part 47

You are a Dot but I am Nothing.
(Ramadhan Verses 26)
People are like little dots of light in the night sky
They are like little pinpricks of love on my skin
They are truly wonderful but awfully small,
Like beads of sand by the sea
Of the Infinite Lord.

As a sinner, duly accredited
By the College of Sinners, Soulville, Tennessee
I am the incorrigible mendicant
A beggar with his begging bowl,
A fool thousand times over,
That's me.

In between my solitude and my writing
I have come across a great many dots -
Wonderful humans with good manners
And perfect hygiene.

I am the nothing connecting the dots,
Between you and my stories,
Between you and my friends and family.
Between Muslims, Jews and Christians,
Hindus, Trekkies and Buddhists.

You see a line between the dots?
Ah, yes... I must confess that
That is not me, you see.
Spiritogeeks call it
The Siratulmustaqim.

What is the Siratulmustaqim, you ask?

The straight path,
The unbending path,
The only path of a Lord
Whose Love is Infinitely
Greater than His wrath.

THEM MUSLIMS. In conventional Muslim lore, the Siratulmustaqim is the bridge that your soul has to cross in order to get that one-way ticket to heaven (Well, why the heck would you want a two-way ticket?). If you are a good boy, you will cross just fine. If you are bad? Well...
Angels - All they do is criticize my writing
and make snide remarks about my weight.

ANGELIC HUMOUR. Angels try to be funny. One was reading this prose and he commented to his companion, whispering just loud enough for me to hear...

"If he is nothing, why is he so fat?"

Like I said. Angels try to be funny.

Have a beautiful day, my beautiful dot.

Pax Taufiqa.

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