Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Clown and the Ring Master 1 - Prose of Ramadhan Part 33

That is good to know...

The Clown and the Ringmaster 1 (Ramadhan Verses 19)
The clown met the Ringmaster and said she was worried, “Will I be forgiven? What lies at the end of my life? How can I be sure that it is not punishment and misery that awaits me?”

The Ringmaster replied, “If you knew God, you would not think that way. For I remember, my funny friend – In the Israq Miqraj when the Prophet ascended the heavens, God spoke to the Prophet – ‘I am creating for you a nation that shall never tire from making sins. All their lives they shall continue to commit sin after sin. But for you, My Muhammad, I forgave them before I even created them. So don’t worry.’ The Ringmaster then gazed kindly at the clown and continued, "So you see, why should you worry? We have all been forgiven even before we were born."

The clown then asked, “Even someone like me?”

“Why, especially for someone like you!” assured the Ringmaster.

The clown looked thoughtful, then she smiled, “That is good to know…”

...To be continued

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