Monday, August 22, 2011

Happiness is a reflection away, and nearer to you than your jugular - Prose of Ramadhan Part 60

The Clown, the Prophet and the Celestial Pool
(Ramadhan Verses 33)
I was alone,
Adrift in the sky,
Then in my teary clown’s eye
I saw the Pool.

I came unto the Pool,
Or perhaps the Pool
Came unto me, whatever…
I cannot really remember.

But in a moment,
I was looking into
The water.

I saw a reflection of myself
And I felt sad and alone.
I closed my eyes,
Refusing to accept
The truth of my own solitude.

Then I opened my eyes,
And I beheld in the still water of the Pool,
The sight of my Prophet,

And he was smiling at me
And through the depth of time,
I heard these words,
“How can I forget you, Clown…
For you are mine…”

Without realizing it,
My hand on is own accord
Tried to touch the image
And my finger lingered
Upon the surface of the water,
Causing a ripple,

The ripple soon subsided
But by then my Prophet’s face
Also disappeared.

Leaving me once again,
Looking at my own reflection
In the still water of the Pool.

But this time,
My reflection is smiling back at me.

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