Wednesday, August 31, 2011

To paraphrase Rumi - She ain't your shortie, she is a Divine Tajalli... so RESPECT!

Women and  the Divine Tajalli
Women are a wonder to behold,
They are like God, possessors
Of the divine tajalli.

Just when you have wrapped your head
Around her, she changes, or perhaps
More accurately, she reveals
More of herself. Just like God.

You try to make the dish right,
But no, you cannot. You burn the meatloaf,
You added to much sugar in the cupcake.
You will never cook it like her, you oaf!

You try to please her, and say comforting words,
But no, she just wants you for listening.
Even worse, you actually try advising,
Which will of course end up in you apologizing,
For thinking she needs your interfering.

But if you are silent,
She will then ask, “Have you not been listening?”
“But I thought you only wanted me to listen?” you protest,
And she will rebuke you for not understanding her at all,
Sorry, friend, you have failed the test.

Then of course, the greatest mistake in your life
Is that you dared to exist before she
Came swanning into your life.
Oh, men, you ungrateful misguided souls…
All your past sadness, and especially your past happiness
That amounts to nothing in her eyes,
Because, just like God,
How could you have mattered?
How could you have even existed
Before she came into your life
And by her presence alone
you are truly created?

Glossary - To quote Fethullah Gulen, that canny human being - "Tajalli has several meanings such as being uncovered, coming forth, appearance and development within a certain framework and, to a certain extent, Divine Attributes and Names revealing themselves through their works individually or collectively, Divine mysteries and lights making themselves felt in hearts with certain signs, numerous unknown states and particularities that pertain to the Unseen coming to be known through the conscience and seen with the eye of the heart, and spiritual enlightenment through a continuous, sound relationship of servanthood with God Almighty."
He is paraphrasing Rumi now. Does his disrespect have no limit?

So, sunshine... to paraphrase that old persian divine rapper, Jelaludin 'love cents' Rumi - "Yo Hommie, she ain't your shortie, she ain't your woman, she ain't your hottie. She is a Divine Tajalli... So RESPECT!"

wa min Allah at-taufiq.

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