Thursday, September 1, 2011

You are not Simply You, but 'You' - A reflection upon the illusion of labels and reality of meanings

Not a Poem but 'a Poem'
It is the nature of the matters
That the friends attend to
That every word uttered
Can be qualified by the open and
Close inverted commas,
Life becomes ‘Life'
Path becomes ‘Path’
And I becomes “I”
And you isn’t just you
But ‘You’.

It is because they fear
Affixing labels to facts
And experiences that are as yet
Suspended in its finality.
It is not in their interest to follow
The stupidity of men who persist
In fighting not about truths,
But merely labels of truths.

So it doesn’t matter what
You call yourself,
For to them, you are all 'Human',
‘Christians’, ‘Muslims’,
‘Buddhists’, ‘Atheists’
And ‘Jews’.

For the friends
Knowledge becomes ‘knowledge’,
A flower, a garden of God in full bloom
That shall never wither or age.

Yet they do not use
The open and closed inverted commas
Even though they are tempted
By the folly of mankind
That they often witness.

They continue to hold the firmness of Truth in abeyance,
Not out of disrespect or their uncertainty,
But out of compassion,
Because compassion doesn’t
Come in small portions or halves,
And His Mercy is verily
Greater even than
His All-encompassing Love.

Do you understand, oh 'Mankind'?

Yes, I use it. For I am not a friend. Thank God that mercy is in the hands of those who are my superior in kindness, love and compassion!

May your journey in the meaning of words continue in the best direction for you as God has ordained.

Have a wonderful day, sunshine.

Pax Taufiqa.

Postscript 1st September 2011 - For the uninitiated, I think it is fitting that I clarify here that the word friends in the prose and posting is intended to mean the wali or awliya (saints of God). Just so nobody gets confused and reckon that it is the Friends who frequents Central Perk., although I do think that Jennifer Aniston is absolutely divine. But who doesn't? Hehehe,

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