Sunday, September 11, 2011

BOOKS WRITE US - you and I, at the Fountain of Authors

Read with your mind,
But contemplate with your heart,
For in as much as you think
You are reading a book,
The book is reading you too.
So read, and let beauty grow
Where you plant the seed
Of what is written
In the many gardens
Of your soul.

We are not slaves to books,
We are nothing but reflections
On the fountain of authors...
And with each word,
Each phrase and sentence we read,
We too are written.

Knowledge is power, some say. Well I say that knowledge is a damn good way to avoid looking stupid and silly. I guess some people may want to leverage their knowledge to get their way. But for me, I will use whatever little store of knowledge I have to AVOID such people and get out of their way. Hehehe.

I am still nursing about 4 books, although I think I shall soon finish Cory Doctorow's book entitled 'Content - Selected Essays on Technology, Creativity, Copyright, and the Future of the Future' soon enough.

You might think that such a book is not spiritual at all. But by my eye, I think it is very spiritual. You know the feeling... you cannot explain how you know, but when you read you know.

Have a bookish Sunday, sunshine. The day is coming to an end here in Malaysia, but elsewhere it is just about to begin. There are a cartload of documentaries, articles, columns and commentaries on 9/11. You can watch and read them, but do not despair, pet. You and I, we are still alive and there is still much to do for the betterment of humanity. For the sake of those who have lost their dearest in the calamity, we start here and now at the Door of Tolerance and Understanding. Choose unity, reject division.

wa min Allah at-taufiq.

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