Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Syawal the Nursemaid and the Hairy Baby - contemplation of life's ups and down

1. I wonder
Ramadhan left, leaving me
In the cradle of Syawal,
And though pleased with
My new nursemaid,
I will miss my old one
And look forward
To see her again,
Next year.

While we are still in the blessed month of Syawal, I have been looking back at my prose, and in particular, the above poem recorded on the 1st day of Syawal in 2008.

EID 2008. I remember that year to be a particularly difficult year, the very first Eid that I was officially single. And it was also that same Eidul Fitri that I first waved Mikhail goodbye as he drove off with his mother and her family to Melaka, and I was left twiddling my fingers, wondering, "What the heck am I gonna do now?"

But it was also around that same time when the first unspoken emotions crept into my heart as to a possible new person in my life. That too I recorded as prose in coded words and double meanings, so that no one might know its true meaning. But back then I had very little hope.

EID 2011. So things have changed, this year Mikhail celebrated the first Eid with me and my family and on Syawal eve Heche sneaked into my house to sample my spaghetti.

Life is moving on, and I am looking at new pastures and new ambition. Things are not easy, but they are not impossible. And even if men are sometimes just big babies in need of nursemaids, we can take succour that above everyone else and above all things created, the Lord is keeping a kindly eye and ear upon all humanity, even us big babies!

And thank you, sunshine. For spending some quality time with us sinners today. May God bless you!

wa min Allah at-taufiq.

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