Friday, September 23, 2011

A Confession before the Wedding - Will you now say Yes?

I am just me. A make-believe
Before you choose me
To be your half in wedlock
I think that you should know…

I am just me,
A make-believe,
A picture in God’s canvas
That we call creation.

I am just me,
And at any moment
I could appear to disappear,
To return once again
To God’s own Ocean.

I know I am just me,
A make-believe in a fairy tale
Composed by God the Writer.
How could I have ever known that
In one chapter, you would come to me?
For all this eternity He has
Hidden you far from me.

I am just me,
But since I saw you
And you saw me,
The world has become different…

The forms are more brilliant,
The colours are more vibrant,
The tastes more vivid, the sweetness is sweeter
And the sadness is so much more sorrowful
In a world that is like yet unlike my own.

I am just a stranger here, my love.
And I shall try to please and praise you always,
Only that I ask you be patient and kind to me.

For I am the weak one,
A spark thrown out of the Sun,
A dervish in the wilderness
Doomed to roam,
Until finally you came,
And you called me home.

Will you now say yes?

Have a perfectly eventful day, sunshine. We are all make-believe, yes? God made us, up to us now whether to believe...

wa min Allah at-taufiq.

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