Monday, September 5, 2011

The Prison of Heart and the White Flames - A confession of sorts...

The Prison of the Heart and the White Flames
The world cages my body,
But nothing is caging my mind
And nothing is caging my heart
But myself - my willful ego
So easily purchased
By those whispers that dog
My footsteps wherever I go.

Whispers that can turn
Into iron bars impervious to
The persuasion of reason
And its many seasons.

Oh Lord, Oh Prophet…
Set my heart free,
Light the white flames in me
That I might melt these bars,
Or that I myself might melt away…
Into blissful nothingness.

No more use to anyone,
Not to you, nor to me,
Deaf even to the whispers…

I am caged by my own ego. For I love myself more than the Prophet. I cannot deny this. Sad but true...

I do apologize if I have been giving the wrong impression. That was not planned... Pray for me, sunshine. That I might be a better man.

wa min Allah at-taufiq.

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