Friday, September 16, 2011

The Girl, the Saint and the Sinner - Love for all your tomorrows.

The Heart said "Welcome Home"
The heart broke the mold
Of her own mortality,
And her prayers took wing
From the tears of her yearning.

The heart broke the earth’s orbit
And she is spinning and whirling,
Speeding fast past the nearest moon,
Overtaking a blazing comet.

The heart broke the silence in the night,
And while others fell wearily asleep,
The heart sang and will not stop,
Making her eyes weep.

Like a girl, the poet wrote poetry
Yearning for his beloved,
Page after page he filled a tome,
But when finally faced with the lover,
All his heart could barely whisper was…

Welcome home.

We live our lives half-in and half-out. Half we speak, and half we keep inside, nursing a painful hurt or a happy memory, a bitter hate or a secret love. When it comes to love, often when we speak, we never really say enough. We never really disclose the love that has engulfed our soul from the nearest shore to the furthest post.

Because sometimes, we cannot choose the circumstances of our meeting. We are not accorded the privacy nor intimacy, but even in a crowd of onlookers, if you love someone, you know you do, yes? And you shyly steal glances at his face, hands and feet. You lower your gaze because even though you wish to look at him... you cannot bear to see his eyes answering your stare. For you know he sees you in ways that makes you shy. Shy of your faults, shy of your many mistakes, shy of what you perceive to be your own imperfect beauty.

And while all this is going through your head, he ponders upon your presence with nothing but love and a little sadness. Love, because your lover was created to love you. And sadness because he knows you all too well, all your hidden happiness and secret sorrows.

So if you have fallen in love, love not for today, sunshine... love faithfully and you will be loved for all your tomorrows... 

wa min Allah at-taufiq.

p/s - Don't you think Roberta Flack is awesome? Live in 1988, Atlantic Records 40th anniversary concert. I just thought that the song was apt for this posting.

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