Thursday, September 8, 2011

I met the Sun, the Sea but the Moon spoke for all three - An Ancient Promise

"We have grown old, you and I." said the Sun.
The Sun, the Sea and the Moon
I live untold lives,
Living a particular way
That is all my own.

"Marry me." said the Sea.
But I have grown old,
I have fallen into the sea,
I cannot deny the day its due,
Nor can I resist the night.

The sun says to me
while I shelter under
the shade of a tree,
"Yes, we have grown old, you and I."

I walked by the sea,
And when she saw me,
she said, "I know you. Marry me."

I braced my heart walking
Under a full moon,
She called me a familiar soul,
And a tear fell from my eye.

"A familiar soul!" exclaimed the Moon.
I did not ask for all this...
To which the moon replied,
"Yes, you did. But you do not remember.

... Before we three ever came to be
You were here already,
In the promises that God gave to us -
That there will come a time in our age,
When a creature will be born, created, made
Of sublime nature and sorrowful beauty.
Called Adam and Eve, they will walk upon the Earth,
Giving us some strange thoughts and calling us
The Moon, the Sun and the Sea."

I do believe we should take some comfort, some level of assurance, that however low we fall, and indeed, however high we deemed we have climbed, we are still just part of an ancient promise. A story long ago wrought by God, before we ever felt our first tinge of sorrow, before we ever tasted our first cup of love, before we ever grew in stature to understand the pleasure of success, the anguish of failure and the strength of hope.

May you have a wonderful day, sunshine.

wa min Allah at-taufiq.

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