Monday, September 19, 2011

It is you, so the day is lucky already! - God's Grace and Human Gratitude

163. How lucky are you!
How lucky are you to be
In the company of the certain ones,
To only worry about the little inconveniences in life,
About your weight, where to eat today,
And how to survive till payday.

How lucky are you to be you,
Though you fight to hide your true station,
Suffering those little sins to keep heaven at bay
While you finish your furlough here.

How lucky are you to know
That when the time comes for you to leave,
There is a space for you onboard the vessel
Departing this mortal hassle.

How lucky are you!
For I espied you, with other beautiful souls,
Chatting atop Mount Qaf, and joking
About mortal bodily functions
And other things
I care not to mention.

Thus am I certain
Of what I speak.

You think I jest,
But I speak the truth.
How lucky are you to be you!

I do not intentionally lie in this almanac. But sometimes I do not disclose everything. But in this prose I am pouring my every little praise for you. Thank you for dropping by, and thank you for sharing your good luck with me.

'Good Luck' or as some serious beards would call it - 'Divine Grace'. It is the claim for all grandchildren of Adam and Eve. If they only would raise their heads above the rat race, and ask the right questions. And perhaps not to be so infatuated with worldly cheese...

Have a lucky day, sunshine. But what am I saying? It is you... so the day is lucky already. Praise the Lord!

Pax Taufiqa.

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