Monday, September 12, 2011

Apple for Teacher? - The Sinners' Guide to Masters and Teachers

Apple for teacher?
I know of a Sufi master
And right now how I miss him so.
It has been for the longest time
Since I last cast my shy glance upon his face.

While I seldom feel
Far from his presence,
My physical eyes are demanding
Their sustenance to feast
Upon his physical beauty -
“No more pictures
Or YouTube videos.
Give us his sight
Or you will get no more prose!”

Sometimes we have no control
Over what our eyes desire,
And I think it is way past the time
That I feed my eyes’ hunger.

I should not be so callous to myself,
And I hope to meet the Master soon
So that my eyes might see him,
And my hand might touch his
As I plant a sinner’s kiss
Upon his robe.

Everyone need teachers, I am told. How else will we ever learn? After all, it would be edging onto the brink of madness to rely on the internet for your source of spiritual guide. All sorts of people write all sorts of things on the internet, you know. 

May we all find solace in who we are presently, and may the yearning of Divine Love spur us to greater knowledge and servanthood. And if the going gets tough (when is it ever easy?), ask God for a teacher and guide, sunshine. That way if God doesn't send you one... really, can He blame you if you get lost? Foolproof! Hehehe.

wa min Allah at-taufiq.

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