Saturday, September 24, 2011

Vanity, the Mirror of Your Ego and the Nature of Creation

THE QUEEN. The wicked and vain queen peddles her beauty before the Mirror each day, seeking assurance that bar none, it is she who is the fairest of them all. Until one fateful day, the Mirror ups and tells her that no, she ain't the hottest chick in the hood anymore. The spiritual analogy of the Snow White story is that the mirror was merely reflecting the Queen's own sense of vanity and insecurities. For the root of the vanity tree is insecurity.

THE MIRROR. If you would believe Muslim spiritual lore about the nature of this world, I would not blame you if you come to the conclusion that upon creation, God simply assembled a couple of trillion upon trillion upon trillion times infinity of mirrors and stood them up towards each other. Then He waited for the reflections (aka us) to start looking for Him! But He is not actually there! And we don't actually 'exist' being mere reflections of God's Own Devices. A conversational prose was recorded some time back about this. In the first para, "you" were negated. Then "I" myself was negated, and finally "we" both were negated... leaving only God, the Lord of all Reflections.

90. I alone exists in a world of mirrors
In a world of mirrors
Only I alone exists
And no one else.
Not even you.


You alone exists
And no one else.
Not even me.


No one exists
Not you,
Not me.

And this is a good analogy of the first part of the Muslim declaration of faith - That there is no god but God.

VANITY. The poor Queen was distraught when she felt that her physical beauty has become only a Runner-Up. But vanity is not just about good looks...

Vanity in the Mirror of Your Ego
Beware, for vanity
Comes in many guises
Before the looking glass…

Your Patience and Chivalry
Your Honour and Humility
Your Charity and Piety…

All become vanity
When you see yourself reflected in
The Mirror of your Ego.

Have a day of beautiful reflections, sunshine. Look with your heart as much as you can, and resist looking into the Mirror of your Ego. It will show you no good at all.

wa min Allah at-taufiq.

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