Thursday, September 22, 2011

Adam is the Stranger in the World of Eve - Marriage, Saints, Rapture, Good Manners and other Useful Information

With You, Each night I Die
My prose is camped
Upon the crest of your eye,
My words are lying on the ridge of your nose,
Gently falling into the dunes of your red lips.

My poetry has no meaning compared
To the physical manifestation of you.

Useless to encompass the holy scriptures
Written in your eyes and recited in your heart.

Unable to herald the wind of your breath,
The gentle slope of your breasts.
The morning sun that rises in your auburn hair,
The evening sun that sets in your west.

I am learned,
I am a sinner,
I am all and I am neither
When in your light,
I die each night.

"You married? How old are you? Why you not married? Marry! Find him a wife! Find someone for her! You not married? And you not married? Why not marry each other?! You ARE married? Take care of your wife! Take care of your husband!" This is the refrain I hear years upon years that new mureeds are introduced to the Sufi Master.

Adam is the Stranger in the World of Eve
The Lord created Adam first
But when Eve arrived later
It was Adam who is the stranger
Not Eve...

God gave unto Adam two worlds,
The temporal and spiritual worlds.
Of womankind is a third world
Which the Lord did not grant him,
Only His invitation and by her permission
To dwell in her hidden thoughts
And her secret universe.

God blesses the woman who welcomes
The man into her world with grace and kindness!

God blesses the man who
Pleases and praises his host!

"Two words you must always remember to say to keep your marriage happy and strong!" The Sufi Master said. The mostly male congregation waited in bated breath for the magical spell, the secret incantation, the ancient runes that could help them secure marital bliss. Finally their Master said, "Yes Dear!"

As a divorcee I am an exile. A wandering sheep (or wolf?). Perhaps one day I shall be exile no longer. A passionate cook visited the Ancient Sufi Master recently in his home on The Island East of Albion and asked that Taufiq (that's me) be married soon. The old man raised his hand and said "InsyaAllah! (God Willing!)"

Have a beautiful day, Adam. Have a glorious day, Eve. But if you are in love it is already a beautiful and glorious day, yes? You have no need for my good wishes! 

wa min Allah at-taufiq.

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