Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Coming of the Mahdi and the 2nd Coming of Jesus - Mercy and Power from the Crucible of Love

Things are often not as they appear to be in this world, are they? And (I am told)
that things are even more curious in the Sufi Tariqa Orders. It is really no
good to carry any pretense of holiness. Better really to be yourself.
Or who you think you are. Hehehe. It gets a little confusing,
but this confusion is beautiful.
It is (I am told) one of the core beliefs of the Sufi Tariqa Orders, that at the end of time,
apart from the 2nd coming of Jesus, there shall also come the Imam Mahdi. Being
representatives of God and the very best of humanity, they will do a lot of
good deeds, one of which alas, is prophesied to involve fighting and wars.
I don't like to fight. I don't have the waistline for it. I will opt to be in
the music section. But who's to say that the drummers will not head
the army front in the cusp of battle? With only drums and
drumsticks to defend themselves with.  
In Iraq I have heard of a group calling themselves the Mahdi's Army. They do not, as far as I am aware, represent the idea or prophecy of the Imam Mahdi as believed by my friends. But like so much that is beautiful and good in Islam, we are not able to control people from using names and symbols of our religion and spirituality. And sometimes, mad people use them for bad reasons. Let's face it, things are an absolute mess now in Iraq (still).

The lore of the Imam Mahdi is growing. Perhaps one day, if I live long enough, I might share with you whatever that I am informed.

God bless the 2nd Coming of Jesus, and God bless the Coming of the Mahdi! They shall come from the Cruxible of Love and Divine Power, and their Mercy, Justice and Compassion shall surprise and awe the followers of all religion, including Islam and Christianity. Especially Islam and Christianity,

Pax Taufiqa. 

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