Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Oneness of God vs the Deniers and Usurpers - The Journey of the Immortal - Captain's Log 2

12. We Plucked
We plucked truths from the air,
The wind, the water and the earth,
From the lips of those who believe and disbelieve,
But yea, the usurpers and deniers cannot see,
And their words become a chain of rusted iron,
Binding them to their error
Like oarsmen on a Roman slave galleon.

Yet for the believers, they know
And verily they are ascending a chain of gold!
Never rusting, always shining!

But this is just the beginning, Ameen, ya Haqq!

Who believes and disbelieves? I know many people with Christian names but they claim not to be Christians. While others act in a distinctly unchristian manner. Does that make them non-Christians? I know of many people with Muslim names but they are not very nice people, and what they do is abhorrent to my religion. Does that make them non-Muslims? I have a Hindu friend and her thoughts and beliefs are parallel to mine. Does that make her less of a Hindu and more of a Muslim? Or does that make me less of a Muslim and more of a Hindu? And who gets to decide who is either or neither? I think it is all up to God.

Deniers and Usurpers. These people the prose refers to are in all religion and ideologies. Those people who have denied Love and usurped Mercy from their dogma. Those people who build walls between faiths and ideas, who deny the unity of worship and praise of the One God which all faiths share. There is no Christian God. There is no Muslim God. There is no Jewish or Hindu or Buddhist God. There is just the One God who loves us, and wants us to just get along.

Chained. One way or the other we are all chained. It is only what we are chained to that makes up who we are. I for one, am a chain-smoker. So sadly, my life is leaving me in plumes of smoke. But others are chained to the dogma of the Deniers and Usurpers and truly they are chained!

The Others are Us
The Deniers and Usurpers are
Besieged on all sides
By 'the enemy'
And 'the others'.
We, you and I,
We are not besieged,
For the enemy and the others...
they are all just us.

All that I write today is compelled by what my Prophet has revealed to the Muslims. So what have they lost and what have they gained in the past century?

May we all be counted as a good sailors, sunshine.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

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