Thursday, July 28, 2011

HUNTING PIRATES! - The Journey of The Immortal - Captain's Log 1

Captain's Log of The Immortal
We are on a pirate hunting expedition. These pirates have been interfering with the shipping and pilgrimage routes on the Sea of Mercy. They have been blockading the Harbour of Truth, laying siege with their damnable guns on the Port of Love & Beauty. They have been trying to cut the centuries old ties between the Prophet and His Nation. They are saying that Muhammad is dead, what can he do to help his followers now

Earlier today we intercepted a brigand crew aboard an ugly-looking frigate called 'The Modern and Reform'. When we questioned a prisoner as to what are they doing here in the Sea of Mercy (who turned out to be the ship's preacher), he answered, "What Sea of Mercy? This is the Sea of Vengeance and Wrath!" There is no good talking to these people.

Further investigation into their cargo hold revealed a mountain of books which they are using to propagate their beliefs. It appears that they have been intercepting the Saints' ships and dumping the traditional books into the water and replacing them with their own version of history.  One crew member, Omar, looked dismayed. Later that day I asked him. "What bothered you, seaman?" To which he replied, "Captain, if they have been doing these to all of the Masters' vessels, how do we know if the students are being taught properly with the right books?"

This was what I said, "Omar. Do not fret. Do you think these bandits have caught all the good fleet? Anyway, look at the ocean around us. Look above and see the seagulls that follow our wake. Listen to the crashing surf. Do you not hear the Truth of the Universe speaking to you in infinite forms and languages? They cannot stop the tide of the Long Victory, my brother." 

Omar smiled, and I placed my hand on his heart. "Those that will be guided, will be guided. And those that will be misguided, will be misguided. It is fated. For you and I, Omar, it is simply for us to try and play our insignificant role in the unfurling of the history of creation with good humour, following our good conscience, and as a servant and lover of all humanity. The Prophet would have wanted it that way, yes?"

to be continued

The story above has absolutely nothing to do about Muslims vis-a-vis non-Muslims. It is a seafaring analogy about the continuing tension within the community itself, between Muslims such as my friends, and Muslims who are less like my friends. It is not for us to judge what they are (and indeed, who we are!), but in the constant challenge to Love, Truth, Beauty and Compassion, these pirates are a fitting opposites to the loving ministrations of the Saints that to this very day, still walk upon the earth. And the Saints do not dread the challenge, because that is why they were created to begin with.

Pax Taufiqa.

Footnote - The Journey of The Immortal was hatched in the concluding sentence of an earlier posting entitled 'The Ship is called The Immortal...' (Click Here). It is often the case that when we are talking about the wonder of creation and the Greatest Wonder of all which is our Loving Creator, one story leads to another. Then another to another. And another... There is no end in sight that I can see. How lucky are we?

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