Friday, July 1, 2011

If you can hear the Universe speak, when will you ever be alone in sorrow?

29. Called and coming
I am called to my Master,
And I have taken my first step
Towards him.

Others want to come along,
And I will carry them with me,
But in the jealous heart of mine
I expect to walk
This road alone,

Indeed, leaving
Even myself
At home.

For if my vessel is full,
What can my Master
Pour into me?


And it is a secret desire,
A hidden anticipation
That once there,
I will take my Master captive
And steal him away
To a lonely hilltop,

And there alone,
Face to face,
Heart to heart,
I will plead to him,
Tell me,
Show me,
Though I
Am unworthy.

30. Alone is a word long forgotten
Alone is a word
Long forgotten in
The dictionary of my life.

Loneliness an illusion,
Solitude being the intimacy
With my Love,

Away from the world
Deceptively cruel and rude!

My beloved sunshine, if you can hear the Universe speak you would never despair of any solitude. Learn to hear the words and see the signs and clues of a truly Loving Lord. Follow your conscience in all you do, and surely your sight and hearing and all your senses will be sharpened to cut through the veil of this deceptively arbitrary reality. I am not kidding. Not on a Friday.

Have an insightful day, pet.

Pax Taufiqa.

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