Thursday, July 7, 2011

Longhair and the Wall

31. Longhair & The Wall
The wall of the zawiya is asking,
“Why leave me behind when my bricks can build your palace in Jannah?
While I may not be as pretty as the jeweled walls of Jannah,
Was I not your constant company when you were remembering Him and the Rasul?
O’ Longhair, if the Lord grants you success,
Would you then forget me?

(Zawiya means a small mosque. Jannah means Heaven. Rasul means the Messenger of God)

When you have dipped your beak in the Ocean of Love and the Sea Infinite Mercy, things change. You change and the world around you changes.

You start to imagine voices, and though it may not be audible, you hear them stirring in your heart. Cats mew and dogs bark, but now even things which appear non-sentient appear to gain voice and speak its mind. And yes even walls can talk... Or is it your own words reflected upon the mirror of life? But really, whatever the answer may be, so flamin’ seraphim what?

This is the happy essence of spirituality. You need not make a firm conclusion sometimes, not when what you perceive is something of grace and gratitude… and sometimes yearning melancholy – as the Wall of the Zawiya is pleading to my friend Longhair – “If the Lord grants you success, would you then forget me?

You will not forget me, will you, sunshine? Not when the Lord has sanctified your goodness with some heavenly success. You shan’t forget your old sinner. When you are at the Good Place, and I am not there... look for me!

May Love light your life, pet. And unto the world, be a guiding light yourself…

Pax Taufiqa.

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